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Pokered is acting weird

I've been using Pokered for a few months and I had a save but for some reason when I would do continue the screen would go white. I decided to see if starting a new file and it worked for a while but then I noticed that when I was in Oak's lab if I tried to leave before getting a pokémon then the screen would go white again. For the starters it was even weirder. If I tried clicking on Squirtle's pokéball then a slowed down version of the ending theme would play and if I tried pressing "A" then 2 cries would play and the screen would go white. If I tried clicking on Charmander's pokéball then 3 cries and the rocket hideout theme would play quickly then it played a slowed down version of the bike theme and the text "POKéoF Poké2POKéROCKETHD" would appear then when I pressed "A" the text "EPC PKMN$)PCEnemy ROCCOTDANIEL ......c......h " (I put my name as Rocco and my rivals as Daniel) would appear. For some reason clicking on Charmander's pokéball let's me keep playing but keeps playing the slowed down bike theme but if I try clicking on the pokéballs they still would act weird. Finally there is Bulbasaur's pokéball which I think acts the weirdest. It plays a bunch of themes and cries for about 3 minutes and then when it's finally over random numbers appear and when i try to go it shows the nurse joy text asking if you wanna heal. If you say yes the game softlocks and if you say no 3 times then the screen goes white.


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