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#1 2020-04-21 03:57:07

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How do i change how you get HMs in pokered

I want to change the way you receive cut. I want it to be that instead of getting it from the captain on the S.S. Anne, you would receive it from a trainer on route 11.
Does anyone know if it would be possible to do this. Also if it is could you please help me.


#2 2020-04-26 19:53:58

Danny-E 33
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Re: How do i change how you get HMs in pokered

It would certainly be possible.
Take a look at the scripts/ directory and look at the script for the S.S. Anne captain. This file is scripts/SSAnneCaptainsRoom.asm

Once you get an understanding of how this script works, you can modify it so that the captain does not give you the HM. Then you can look at the script for the route 11 trainer and edit that trainer's script so that they do give you the HM.


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