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#1 2019-12-10 09:37:12

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Small problem with Happiness in Gen 1

I'm porting party-wide Happiness/Friendship into Red/Blue. So far it's been quite successful, though I'm running into an issue with Friendship via an item.

In Yellow, you could get Friendship by giving Pika healing items. In later gens, it was certain foods. I wanted to apply this by way of the vending drinks. Here is what I've got in my HPRestore code

    ld a, [wcf91]
    ld b, 20 ; Potion heal amount
    cp POTION
    jr z, .addHealAmount
    ld b, 50 ; Super Potion heal amount
    jr z, .addHealAmount
    ld b, 120 ; Hyper Potion heal amount
    jr z, .addHealAmount
    ld b, 50 ; Fresh Water heal amount
    jr z, .addFriendship
    ld b, 60 ; Soda Pop heal amount
    cp SODA_POP
    jr z, .addFriendship
    ld b, 80 ; Lemonade heal amount
    jr z, .addFriendship
    ld b, 100 ; MooMoo Milk heal amount

; BUG - Supposed to work for vending drinks... but it doesn't
    push hl
    push de
    push bc
    callabd_ModifyFriendship FRIENDSHIP_USEDITEM
    pop bc
    pop de
    pop hl

    ; fallthrough. Heal afterward

The '.addFriendship block adds friendship, obviously. If I set any potions to jump to this, they add friendship and heal properly. But with the non-potion drinks, no matter what I do, they never affect friendship. I've even gone into the debugger and it shows that the drinks properly jump to this block of code first, but it's just not working.

Has anyone tried doing something like this before? any ideas off-hand?


#2 2020-03-12 19:36:38

From: Cochem
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Re: Small problem with Happiness in Gen 1

In gen 1 dosen't exist happines so you must insert it completly and I don't know if gen 1 Support happines?


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