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problem adding new pokemon after $c3 in pokered

starting at $c4, every pokemon that evolves get its name turned into HMs. For example, Pokemon $c3 when evolves into $c4 turns into HM01. Is there any way I could fix this?


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Re: problem adding new pokemon after $c3 in pokered

Gen 1 had sloppy code with a lot of assumptions in it in several places. In this case, the issue you're running into comes from the fact that the GetName function in home.asm originally worked off the assumption that none of the name lists had that many entries, and it also generated TM/HM names on the fly instead of storing them with the rest of the item names. So originally the GetName function checked if the item ID was HM_01 or greater, and jumped to the TM HM name routine regardless of what sort of name was actually being looked up. I fixed it a long time ago in Red++, so tracking down the original commit would show really outdated code. But try looking here as a starting point to get it fixed.

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