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Problem Showing/Hiding Overworld Sprite with pokered

I am trying to create an overworld battle, like Mewtwo. The battle itself works fine, but the problem is with hiding the sprite after the battle is over. The sprite stays and I can battle the Pokémon again, as if nothing just happened. The map was not already in hide_show_data.asm, so I had to add it in myself. I read somewhere else that I needed to add a constant for the object in hide_show_constants.asm, but I am not completely sure I put it in the right way. With what I currently have, I cannot get the sprite to hide when changing show to hide in hide_show_data.asm

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Re: Problem Showing/Hiding Overworld Sprite with pokered

Hi, I had a similar problem, If you added correctly the constants in constants/hide_show_constants.asm and constants/event_constants.asm (and all the data in mapObjects ecc.) it's all ok, the problem is the save have to restart the game with a clean save, because the changes made in hide_show_constants don't work properly in "old" save file.


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