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There isn't free space in the SpaceWorld demo?

I tried to translate the current SpaceWorld demo texts. But the assembly failed with 3 maps for strange issues (something like syntax error and string unfinished but I can't find the error) and I have also problems with the intro translation and the items translation 'cause apparently there isn't enough free space. The assembler tell me that can't place the bank. And I can see that actually there isn't enough free space to add new texts.

There is something that could be erased like corrupted graphics from GEN I?

The game is at nearly empty and is so strange that there isn't enough free space. Otherwise I could expand the rom size (to 2 MB instead of 1) and then repoint that files to another bank? I hope yes, otherwise would be impossible...

Another thing: Is a work in progress but I translated the pokémon names and trainer classes: With the translated trainer classes the trainers freezes after the fadescreen to start the battle and instead the pokémons are totally scrambled, 'cause due to the 5 chars limits:


And I think that this and traner's classes issues are related. There is a way to fix the char limits to fix this? Also to extend the <PLAYER> name up to 7 chars available and to 12 for the pokémons, items and trainer classes and fix the savegame allocated space like in the english versions to have the same traner and pokémons nicks allocated space to set the compatibility please? Can you help me?

I don't care for now about the graphic issues of the 5 chars visual limits in the pokédex for the names, 'cause I can fix that successively, but I would for now set at least the compatibility. I translated the text files  for maps the maps and the intro in italian and english, for now.

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