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Help--- ROm not copying

$ git clone cd pokecrystal
fatal: Too many arguments.

usage: git clone [<options>] [--] <repo> [<dir>]

    -v, --verbose         be more verbose
    -q, --quiet           be more quiet
    --progress            force progress reporting
    -n, --no-checkout     don't create a checkout
    --bare                create a bare repository
    --mirror              create a mirror repository (implies bare)
    -l, --local           to clone from a local repository
    --no-hardlinks        don't use local hardlinks, always copy
    -s, --shared          setup as shared repository
                          initialize submodules in the clone
    -j, --jobs <n>        number of submodules cloned in parallel
    --template <template-directory>
                          directory from which templates will be used
    --reference <repo>    reference repository
    --reference-if-able <repo>
                          reference repository
    --dissociate          use --reference only while cloning
    -o, --origin <name>   use <name> instead of 'origin' to track upstream
    -b, --branch <branch>
                          checkout <branch> instead of the remote's HEAD
    -u, --upload-pack <path>
                          path to git-upload-pack on the remote
    --depth <depth>       create a shallow clone of that depth
    --shallow-since <time>
                          create a shallow clone since a specific time
    --shallow-exclude <revision>
                          deepen history of shallow clone, excluding rev
    --single-branch       clone only one branch, HEAD or --branch
    --no-tags             don't clone any tags, and make later fetches not to follow them
    --shallow-submodules  any cloned submodules will be shallow
    --separate-git-dir <gitdir>
                          separate git dir from working tree
    -c, --config <key=value>
                          set config inside the new repository
    -4, --ipv4            use IPv4 addresses only
    -6, --ipv6            use IPv6 addresses only
    --filter <args>       object filtering

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Re: Help--- ROm not copying

I moved your thread from the Documents/Tutorials forum to the Help/Question forum and I deleted your duplicate thread.

It sounds like your misunderstanding is with how to use the CLI (command line interface).

The command you tried executing is actually supposed to be two separate commands.

Using the pokecrystal repository as an example, if you wanted to "clone" the repository then you would execute this command:

git clone

"Clone" means to download all of the source code from the code repository (as well as all of the git history of the repository). For more familiarity with git, I recommend you look for a "intro to git" tutorial.
When you clone the repository it creates a folder on your computer with the same name ("pokecrystal" in this case).

So the next command is:

cd pokecrystal

This means "change directory" to the pokecrystal directory (folder).

When you're using Cygwin (the CLI), there is always a "current working directory". This is the folder from where commands are executed.
It is similar to how a Windows File Explorer window has a "current working directory".

In order to execute commands in the pokecrystal project, you first need to go "inside" the pokecrystal folder with the "cd" command.


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