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Pokemon Dark Energy BETA 5 Nuzlocke: SinisterHoodedFigure

This is a nuzlocke and promotion of Miksy91's Beta 5 of Pokémon Dark Energy. I have been playing it for a while, making showcases for this game in the past.


Note that I will add more pictures around this week. Still looking forward to seeing what lies at the end of Beta 5. I will also add guides on how to complete sidequests here, once I get around to them.

EMERGING EVIL | Pokemon Dark Energy Nuzlocke (Beta 5) can be found on the new nuzlocke forums: … ta-5.2127/

Pokémon Dark Energy Nuzlocke Video List:==============================================================
Playlist: … XQNI42vzei
EP 1: INTRODUCTIóN de VILLANOS … ex=2&t=69s
EP 2: Universidades Es Aburridos … ei&index=2
EP 3: Simulaciones mortales 1 … ei&index=3
EP 4: SHF: Nuzlocker Malvado … ei&index=4
EP 5: HERBICIDA … ei&index=5
EP 6:  Puño brillante de la estrella del norte … ei&index=6
EP 7:  CAPITáN DE LA OSCURIDAD … ei&index=7
EP 8:  Gimnasio de aves viejo e inútil. … ei&index=8
EP 9: Viaje a la Montaña de Lima … ei&index=9
EP 10: El Gran Issac … i&index=10
EP 11: Venganza en el Pueblo de Miltank … i&index=11
EP 12: Selve de Argentina
EP 13: Enemigas
EP 14: Chistes de Dinero

Pokémon Dark Energy Showcase:
Playlist: … AltS3oqbGP
ONIX: … dex=3&t=0s
BIRDS: … GP&index=3
ADRIA: … GP&index=5
TOWER: … GP&index=7
PAGES: … GP&index=8

Story of Nuzlocke Stats so far:
Update #1====================================================================
Years ago, a mysterious man named Maxime makes a shady business deal with Mr. Burton, to fund an evil organization known as Team Darkness. Years later, me and my talking Eevee named Viru goes off to the University to meet with Professor Moe.

I fight somebody with a bulbasaur before I am worthy to have it join my party.
Battle Simulators are very helpful, and can give you nice Pokémon Gift Prizes. For every city, I will buy one Pokémon from these Pokémon Center Battle Simulators.

Talk to Professor Moe about the Elemental Orbs. Oscar joins you on your quest as a party member.
In the Ground Gym, my Hoothoot decides to team kill my party by missing every hypnosis, causing the deaths of 3 pokemon at least.

Enraged, I jettisoned the team killing owl. Then I head off to the next city. I pass by a karate guy who broke his leg, and is in need of a First Aid Kit. I press onwards.

Fight a tough Grass gym for the Wooly Hat, but at a terrible cost...

There is a Shiny Squirtle before the North Star Cave. Don't Stand Around in North Star, don't go in without the Wooly Hat, or you will die of Hypothermia. Yeah this cave actually does that. Keep moving, but don't waste time, and reach the end. You'll get through before you pass out for good...


Team Darkness has invaded the town. I nearly get killed by the Team Darkness Captain, siccing his Steelix to break my spine after slaughtering my Pokémon. All hope seems lost, until our friend Oscar bring's us to Dr. Frank's house, and heals everyone that died.
We take on the flying gym before getting the First Aid.

There is a Charmander behind the Cut bush.

Then I head into a long cave, after pressing events, and finally reach the next city. Along the way, I encounter lots of pokemon, some good, some bad.

Update #2===============================================================================
The city really builds up one particular gym that is deceptively powerful. Modeled after an Elite 4 member of Kanto, The Great Issac requires caution in order not to allow any more pokemon to die. So I got stronger. Exeggutor evolved from Exeggcute, and I got Psychic.

Beta 5 did in fact bump up the prices of the Prize Pokemon you can get from these battle simulators, including an essential sidequest prize, and some very well hidden item prizes.

The gate to the next area is unfortuantely locked, so I must search for the guard south of the city. Milky Village is my destination, along the way, I encounter weird trainers, like the spinning camper, and a Biker with a newfound grudge, who vanishes, promising revenge... Speaking of
I take my vengeance upon a Vulpix who roared away my route catch, quite viciously, and afterwards, Team Darkness members searches for an Elemental Orb in Milky Village.  Stealing Miltanks from the villains invoked my wrath, since I was hoping to include it as my prospective team member (miltank was one of the first Pokemon I used in Pokemon Gold), I crushed the 2 grunts, despite their Pokemon Training.


One grunt tried the same dirty trick with Self-destruct, and immediately called the Captain for backup. Fully prepared after defeating Issac, I soundly defeated the Captain's Steelix who severely wounded me and my party before. The entire theme was revenge, as we were mad and wanted to "solve" our issues. The Captain then vows to use the rest of his team, only warded off by the Sage Master of the Tower, alongside Charizard.

Aware of the power of the Sage, the Captain wisely retreats, and I do not intend to challenge the Sage until I am REALLY strong. Might be at the end of Beta 5 possibly.
Update #3===================================================================================
Upset with my failed capture of a dissapointing encounter (paras), I decided to reward myself with a Torn Page from Milky Village, and "Borrowed" a Shiny Miltank from the farm. There will be no miltank tipping on this cow, I promise.

I immediately head north towards Greenland Town after talking to the guard, and headed left. There I encountered my classmate rival, Camper Roland, who acquired a pretty rare team of Heracross, Starmie, Kadabra, and Marowak. His movesets and strategies could use work, but he's setting himself a good team. Just as I am planning to build my army.

My destination is towards Argent Central (Argentina), but a large (Argentinian) Jungle proves to be an obstacle. The Guard warns me to beware of a giant (Argentinian) Cobra, which will either bite me or squeeze me to death before it eats me and my Pokemon. Caught an ekans in and rattata in dissapointment. Makes me feel like a Rocket grunt, but IIIMarkus is the coolest rocket grunt ever so, silver lining.

As I fight my way through the jungle through bugs and trainers, we heard screams for help, and a loud hiss. Sounds like a poor girl is getting eaten or worse. I rush to investigate, and I find the dreaded (Argentinian) Cobra, glaring and hissing menacingly at his prey.

I must've lost my mind, because I jump right in between the Cobra and the girl, having doubts of taking it on, somehow. That thing is level 35, which is an imposing level, but the Cobra barely damages my spiny shrew, a Cobra's natural predator and fatal last meal. Realizing this, the Cobra surrendered and I caught it as an event encounter.

The girl thanks us and heads to Argent Central, leaving behind a pink bow. So I exit the jungle, and head to Argent(tina) Central. Until I get ambushed by a literal Big Bird. Argent(tina) certainly has exotic birds. I make it there after catching a dangerous pine cone that could blow up like a grenade, and return the pink bow to the girl. She introduces herself as Ashyln, and Oscar gets aquainted, whispering secrets. Mystery for another day.

I look around the city, noticing a structure of a really big Onix. They mention that a Super Onix terrorized the city, causing researchers to flee. Trekking back to Milky Village, I wanted one more encounter, and my fortunate encounter is an exotic, and rare bird, Doduo. Pleased with the catch, I raised it up into a 3 headed bird, and flew by massive leaps and bounds.

Further Updates are Below: (Update # 4)
Pokémon Dark Energy Nuzlocke Video List:==============================================================
Playlist: … XQNI42vzei
EP 1: BETA 5 BAD GUY INTRO … ex=2&t=69s
EP 2: University Is Boring … ei&index=2
EP 3: Deadly Simulations 1 … ei&index=3
EP 4: SHF: Not the Nicest Nuzlocker … ei&index=4
EP 5: WEED KILLER … ei&index=5
EP 6: Shiny Fist of the North Star … ei&index=6
EP 7: CAPTAIN OF DARKNESS … ei&index=7
EP 8: Old Useless Flying Gym … ei&index=8
EP 9: Mt. Lima Journey … ei&index=9
EP 10: The Great Issac … i&index=10
EP 11: Revenge in Miltank Village … i&index=11
EP 12: Jungle of Argentina
EP 13: Enemies
EP 14: Money Jokes
Pokémon Dark Energy Showcase:
Playlist: … AltS3oqbGP
ONIX: … dex=3&t=0s
BIRDS: … GP&index=3
ADRIA: … GP&index=5
TOWER: … GP&index=7
PAGES: … GP&index=8

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Re: Pokemon Dark Energy BETA 5 Nuzlocke: SinisterHoodedFigure

Update #4: Enemies

Now that I got a new Lapras, my next objective was to get Surf, to round off the missing water move. The water gym implies that I need surf to get past the routes, hinting that the gym leader Sapphire, will reward me with HM03 Surf. They also build her up as a powerful gym leader, capable of repelling a freakishly large Onix that can apparently rampage cities.

I was setting myself up for dissapointment, as not only the Water Gym leader was rather easy, but when pressed for a prize, she hands out a random magnet! Blastoise had magnitude, but she had no Quagsire or Lanturn to buffer the electric moves, typewise. Gyarados was only a minor roadbump, but being Gen 2, manageable.

With that, I head off to the next route to catch a pokemon... only for a vastly more dangerous encounter with the Super Onix. People are running in fear, as the Super Onix descends upon a poor scientist. I attempt to ward it off, buying the scientist time, but the Super Onix was not impressed with my pathetic attempts to deter it. Realizing my error, I fled the scene. Another day Super Onix...

During the rampage, in East Suden, the Captain reaches the Team Darkness HQ, in the inner chambers of the Main Villain, Maxime. An unidentified General accompanies him. The Captain presents the Elemental Orbs, and informs the leaders of his progress. Maxime is pleased to hear taht Professor Moe was captured, and locked up downstairs. The Captain gives the bad news that SHF posses a risk to their operations, and before the Captain could finish him off, Grand Master Sage Neal stops him. The lady gives the Captain another mission to interrogate some archeologists in Rocky Mountain.

I get the Surf HM, and I am prompted to head back to the Capital. There, the Big Shoe mart is open at last, giving me TMs. There is an essentail item that I needed to purchase, a sweater for the North Star, however, someone else got to it first. Before I could steal it, someone had the right idea, and snatched the item and headed upwards. Sensing an opportunity, I cornered the thief, and got the item. Oscar and Ashlyn urges me to return that sweater, but I decide to borrow it until I get 2 things done... eventually.

I ponder which direction I should go, to Brightbulb? North Star, or Above. I know that I really want access to a Daycare now...

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Re: Pokemon Dark Energy BETA 5 Nuzlocke: SinisterHoodedFigure

Update #5: Money Jokes


NOTE: I actually went to explore the Deep Cavern north of Argent Central. Unfortunately, I need Flash. Along the way, I encountered and captured numerous Pokemon. In a later episode, I will reveal what they are.
Afterwards, I was training my catches, and raising my Pokemon at a certain pond with a staryu, chinchao, and a remoraid. After hours, I ran into a shiny staryu. Long story short, I caught it. The capture is shown in the video.
I immediately evolved Staryu into Starmie for much higher stats, since it doesn't get any moves more useful than Recover.
Around that lake, I also battled with a Firebreather, who has a KEY to a house.

Training my pokemon up, I evolved Shiny Weepinbell into Shiny Victrebel after getting razor leaf.

Flying back to the capital, I surfed east at the West side of the Western Lake. Try figuring that out.

I encounter my only catch, Mantine, because I wasn't paying attention to the positions of the North part of the Western lake. Around the western part, explored an island with a bunch of houses. Apparently a rich person used to live here, so it became a locked summer home. The random Key I got from the Firebreather unlocked the door.

Inside lay a Pokeball or Itemball. Within the ball...

...Is MONEY. 10000 pokedollars. The worst let's player in the world, who even does Pokemon games, makes a surprise cameo at the thought. I feel dirty.
Eventually I realized that I needed to check the drawer, not just the fridge, because inside is the Torn Page. Check the previous videos to see where the rest are.

After more pointless Pokemon Battles, skipping an encounter, I reach Brightbulb city. I talk to the townpeople, and they bring up a few things:
-This is one of those places where a Pokemon Professor entrusts you with a starter Pokemon.
- The BBB, BrightBulb Building, has a Boss and an annoying sailor forcing travelers to steal from Professor Joke.
- The Brightbulb gym, with wild Pokemon inside, my encounter is a Pikachu (I accidentally caught a previous pikachu; thought it was shiny, boxed it.) I wanted a Magnemite...
- A Human Looking Creature was mentioned to be lurking inside the Deep Cavern at the center of the Western Lake.

Heading into Professor Joke's lab, two people recieved pokemon, leaving me with only a totodile.
I was immediately challenged by a camper with a hilariously one sided joke of a battle with 1 starter, and my shiny miltank.
The joke was the Camper was my Rival Roland.
He immediately stops playing around, and uses a scary looking OU team, with underwhelming moves.

Roland mentions that once you get Professor Joke's pokemon, the sailor should leave you alone. So I get past him, and after encountering numerous evolution dupes, I encounter a Tauros. Despite a difficult struggle, it finally surrendered and joined my party.

My endgoal was the daycare East of Brightbulb. Now I abuse an exploit of an escalator in a gym, and the daycare, and grind offscreen, in preparation for the challenges to come.

SHF... The Most... Sinister Hooded Figure


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