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RBY Soundtrack "Remastered", with .asm code for pokecrystal (WIP)

I've been messing with the pokecrystal and subsequent hacks' audio for quite some time now, and one of the things that really hit me is how... let's say limited Gen 1 music is compared to Gen 2 and all the wonderful demixes people have been doing of modern music. This is because, among other reasons, Gen 1 doesn't support stereo audio, has a much more limited selection of waveforms for the wave channel and lacks the noise channel in many songs.

For this reason, I thought a cool and easy project would be to update (or "remaster", as I call them) these Gen 1 music to use these features that are ubiquitous in Gen 2. Of course, a much more demanding project would be to demix the FRLG music but I really don't have much drive to do it atm (check out my Cinnabar Island demix from FRLG for an example of this. It's an older version of the song but you get the idea).

Here are the rules:
* Don't change or add notes.
* Use stereo.
* All waveforms available in Gen 2 are availible.
* Changes to the pulse channel's dutycycles if needed.
* Add the FRLG percussion when missing and if it makes sense to have them.

In most cases I just add stereo as I see fit, change the waveform and are done with it. But the ones where I had more wiggle room are the ones that turned out better; I especially like Viridian Forest and Cerulean City so far. Of course this doesn't revolutionize the music's composition, which is not the best, but I think they sound far better with these improvements.

Gen 1 Track List:

Title Theme
Pallet Town - Soundcloud - Pastebin
Professor Oak
Professor Oak's Laboratory
A Rival Appears
Route 1 - Soundcloud - Pastebin
Battle! (Wild Pokémon)
Victory! (Wild Pokémon)
Pewter City / Viridian City / Saffron City - Soundcloud - Pastebin
Pokémon Center
Pokémon Healed
Viridian Forest - Soundcloud - Pastebin
A Trainer Appears (Girl Version)
Battle! (Trainer Battle)
Victory! (Trainer Battle)
Mt. Moon
Route 3 - Soundcloud - Pastebin
Cerulean City / Fuchsia City - Soundcloud - Pastebin
Pokémon Gym
Route 24
Jigglypuff's Song
Vermilion City
The S.S. Anne
Road to Lavender Town: Leaving Vermilion City
The Poké Flute
A Trainer Appears (Boy Version)
Battle! (Gym Leader Battle)
Victory! (Gym Leader Battle)
Lavender Town
Pokémon Tower
Celadon City
Rocket Game Corner
A Trainer Appears (Bad Guy Version)
Rocket Hideout
Silph Co.
Cinnabar Island
Pokémon Mansion
The Final Road - Soundcloud - Pastebin
Final Battle! (Rival)
Hall of Fame
Ending Theme

(Music in italic are the ones I don't intend to change)

Working on demixes, updates and general tomfoolery with pokecrystal audio, not limited to Pokémon music.

Link to my Soundcloud with all the music I've done.


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