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#1 2019-08-09 19:23:01

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[PokeCrystal] Add a new party menu icon.

I have been looking everywhere for help on this subject. I have followed "Rangi" tutorial on the Pokecrystal GitHub.  I followed the guide through every step. Its seems that every time I run the "make" command it appears to run as normal and runs through all the .png files. But the compile fails. 


make: *** No rule to make target 'gfx/icon/Bulbasaur.2bpp', needed by 'main.o'.

I'm am pretty new at working with a disassembly project. So I'm still learning as I go.


#2 2019-08-09 20:27:26

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Re: [PokeCrystal] Add a new party menu icon.

Do you have Bulbasaur.png in the gfx/icon folder? Whenever I get that error it means the file is missing. Make a 16x32 png with both bulbasaur frames named Bulbasaur.png and put it in the correct folder. It should work.


#3 2019-08-09 20:38:46

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Re: [PokeCrystal] Add a new party menu icon.

I have the image files in the right folder. I'm going to go through the whole project to double check the spelling of everything. lol I'll post an update after. Thanks

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#4 2019-08-10 02:53:16

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Re: [PokeCrystal] Add a new party menu icon.

Ok so I walked through the entire guide with a clean fresh download of the project. When I run the make command it runs through all the files until I get the same error.


rgbgfx  -o gfx/battle_anims/skyattack.2bpp gfx/battle_anims/skyattack.png
tools/gfx --remove-whitespace -o gfx/battle_anims/skyattack.2bpp gfx/battle_anims/skyattack.2bpp
cp gfx/battle_anims/skyattack.2bpp.lz.31738ab8 gfx/battle_anims/skyattack.2bpp.lz
rgbgfx  -o gfx/battle_anims/globe.2bpp gfx/battle_anims/globe.png
cp gfx/battle_anims/globe.2bpp.lz.710dbb8e gfx/battle_anims/globe.2bpp.lz
rgbgfx  -o gfx/battle_anims/shapes.2bpp gfx/battle_anims/shapes.png
cp gfx/battle_anims/shapes.2bpp.lz.262d77f0 gfx/battle_anims/shapes.2bpp.lz
rgbgfx  -o gfx/battle_anims/status.2bpp gfx/battle_anims/status.png
tools/gfx --remove-whitespace -o gfx/battle_anims/status.2bpp gfx/battle_anims/status.2bpp
cp gfx/battle_anims/status.2bpp.lz.0c0aa13e gfx/battle_anims/status.2bpp.lz
rgbgfx  -o gfx/battle_anims/objects.2bpp gfx/battle_anims/objects.png
tools/gfx --remove-whitespace --remove-xflip -o gfx/battle_anims/objects.2bpp gfx/battle_anims/objects.2bpp
cp gfx/battle_anims/objects.2bpp.lz.83f812de gfx/battle_anims/objects.2bpp.lz
rgbgfx  -o gfx/battle_anims/shine.2bpp gfx/battle_anims/shine.png
cp gfx/battle_anims/shine.2bpp.lz.5fb79056 gfx/battle_anims/shine.2bpp.lz
rgbgfx  -o gfx/battle_anims/angels.2bpp gfx/battle_anims/angels.png
tools/gfx --trim-whitespace -o gfx/battle_anims/angels.2bpp gfx/battle_anims/angels.2bpp
cp gfx/battle_anims/angels.2bpp.lz.b026d81e gfx/battle_anims/angels.2bpp.lz
rgbgfx  -o gfx/battle_anims/wave.2bpp gfx/battle_anims/wave.png
cp gfx/battle_anims/wave.2bpp.lz.bee99402 gfx/battle_anims/wave.2bpp.lz
rgbgfx  -o gfx/battle_anims/aeroblast.2bpp gfx/battle_anims/aeroblast.png
cp gfx/battle_anims/aeroblast.2bpp.lz.2f07c4ea gfx/battle_anims/aeroblast.2bpp.lz
rgbgfx -h -o gfx/trainer_card/chris_card.2bpp gfx/trainer_card/chris_card.png
rgbgfx -h -o gfx/trainer_card/kris_card.2bpp gfx/trainer_card/kris_card.png
rgbgfx  -o gfx/trainer_card/trainer_card.2bpp gfx/trainer_card/trainer_card.png
rgbgfx -h -o gfx/player/chris.2bpp gfx/player/chris.png
rgbgfx -h -o gfx/player/kris.2bpp gfx/player/kris.png
rgbgfx -h -o gfx/player/kris_back.2bpp gfx/player/kris_back.png
rgbgfx  -o gfx/unknown/08940b.2bpp gfx/unknown/08940b.png
rgbgfx  -o gfx/overworld/trainer_battle_pokeball_tiles.2bpp gfx/overworld/trainer_battle_pokeball_tiles.png
rgbgfx  -o gfx/overworld/headbutt_tree.2bpp gfx/overworld/headbutt_tree.png
rgbgfx  -o gfx/overworld/cut_tree.2bpp gfx/overworld/cut_tree.png
rgbgfx  -o gfx/battle/expbarend.2bpp gfx/battle/expbarend.png
rgbgfx  -o gfx/battle/expbarend_sgb.2bpp gfx/battle/expbarend_sgb.png
rgbgfx  -o gfx/icons/mail.2bpp gfx/icons/mail.png
rgbgfx  -o gfx/icons/item.2bpp gfx/icons/item.png
make: *** No rule to make target 'gfx/icon/bulbasaur.2bpp', needed by 'main11.o'.  Stop.

It's driving me nuts. lol


#5 2019-08-11 01:43:51

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Re: [PokeCrystal] Add a new party menu icon.

Gameassassin989 wrote:

make: *** No rule to make target 'gfx/icon/bulbasaur.2bpp', needed by 'main11.o'.  Stop.

A clean fresh unedited copy of pokecrystal has this line in gfx/icons.asm:

BulbasaurIcon:    INCBIN "gfx/icons/bulbasaur.2bpp"

That means building the ROM needs gfx/icons/bulbasaur.2bpp, and the project already has gfx/icons/bulbasaur.png, so the Makefile uses this rule to create the .2bpp from the .png:

%.2bpp: %.png

You somehow are needing "gfx/icon/bulbasaur.2bpp". Shouldn't it be "icons"?


#6 2019-08-11 04:38:50

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Re: [PokeCrystal] Add a new party menu icon.

OMG thank you! I cant believe that the only thing holding it up was the "s" on Icons.  I was able to compile the game now but, the Icons don't match with the pokemon. For an example Cyndaquil's Icon is showing up as Quilava.


So I went through all the files that were edited trying to figure out what part of the code may case the miss alignment when displaying the icons.

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#7 2019-08-16 01:08:33

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Re: [PokeCrystal] Add a new party menu icon.

So I'm completely lost. I have went through the code and realigned each of the Pokémon so that in each file there name line up on the same line of code. But sill when I compile the game the Pokémon's icons are still off by one Pokémon.

Any thoughts on why this could be happening?


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