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Gold Hack Trainer Card HELP!

Okay, so basically I'm making a Pokemon Gold ROM hack and I've been editing the trainer sprite and palette. The problem is that I've been trying to edit the separate protagonist sprite in the trainer card, but I've really been struggling. Everything else is done but the card sprite. I've found that the sprite in the trainer card isn't compressed and is supposed to be edited with a program like TLP. The problem is, that some pixels on the sprite are garbled. When I put my sprite in, the garble caused what you can see in the image. I just don't know how to manually get around it except for going over each and every pixel which would be a pain in the butt. Does anybody know what's wrong?

You can view the images here: … e_in_gold/


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Re: Gold Hack Trainer Card HELP!

use the crystal dissasembly it is easier then a gold hack with hack tools


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