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GB Studio

Just stumbled across this:

Not Pokémon related, but awesome anyway.


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Re: GB Studio

I came across that a couple of weeks ago too and tried it out. It's kind of cool but way too limited to be useful. All you can really do with it is make simple maze games and walking demos.

Not sure that I like the whole idea of a Game Boy game engine anyway. On the one hand it's nice, because anyone who has ever dreamed of making a Game Boy game can now get a demo running in a matter of minutes (ignoring the time it takes to make the art). But on the other hand, if this engine ever becomes a serious tool then all it's going to lead to is laziness and a flood of mediocre, generic-playing cookie-cutter games. Anyone who is serious about homebrew should at least put the effort in and learn the GB hardware and the ASM (or at least C). Homebrew isn't indie game development and shouldn't be treated as such. Homebrew should be a craft and a devotion, not the "let's cut corners and get this game shipped as quickly as possible" attitude.
Nevertheless, GB Studio does seem to have a decent-sized fan community, and I'm glad people are having fun with it.

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