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New Crystal Hack DEMO - Untitled Unova Game

UPDATE: Demo 2 has been released! Link here: … Demo_2.ips

This is Azure Keys, developer of Unova Red and Kalos Crystal. I have been busy on a new hack using the PokeCrystal disassembly, and have finalized a demo of the game allowing for play up until a little after the second gym. This game takes place in Unova, a handful of years after the events of Black2/White2, with a new plot, and new take on traversing the region. As an unofficial "sequel" to B2/W2, this game primarily uses mechanics from Gen 5, though with some from Gen 6, as it is set as somewhat of a midway point between the two generations.

Features include:
-253 Pokemon available, with a mixture of Pokemon from the first 5 generations (and 1 from Gen 6)
-255 moves, with a variety of selections across the first 5 generations (plus a few from Gen 6)
-Fairy type has been introduced in this game
-Physical/Special split for attacks is implemented
-TMs are infinitely reusable
-Running Shoes available from the start by holding B
-Repels can be re-activated instantly

Credits to:
-COMBOY for the collection of in-battle sprites
-Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm for much of the custom music
-Rangi for the highly in-depth PokeCrystal tutorials (and for making PolishedMap) without which this hack would not be possible

A good bit of the custom art for trainers was made by me, though there were a few that I recreated based on the art on some low-res video thumbnails found online. Please let me know if you are the original artist for these sprites in order to add credits, or to remove them if necessary.

This game is a demo, and may eventually include features not yet added. There may also be bugs that have not yet been found. Please let me know any feedback or issues that are found. Thanks!

Link to IPS patch: … e_Demo.ips

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Re: New Crystal Hack DEMO - Untitled Unova Game

I love the idea for this but I think I'm going to wait until it's farther along to give it a try. Keep up the good work.


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Re: New Crystal Hack DEMO - Untitled Unova Game

UPDATE: Demo 2 has been released! This update adds some new areas, including the third gym, and the first "enemy hideout" type area. I've also adjusted some of the trainer difficulty settings to try and find a better balance, as well as added phone functionality (at least, basic functionality). Saves from the older demo will probably have trouble, so I'd suggest starting a new save. Please let me know if any bugs are encountered. Enjoy!


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