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Please help me crack this "UNHACKABLE" GBC rom "Macross 7"

Hello friends, here's a new episode in my saga to complete this project. Hopefully, I have arrived at a good port.

I'm a big fan of these anime series called "Macross" and the franchise released an excellent Space Shooter game with musical stages and pleasant gameplay "Macross 7 -Ginga No Heart Wo Furuwasero!!- " … the_Galaxy-

I paid for the translation and some members of have helped me rip the script, but as soon as I ask people to show me the ropes or to help me do it, they say is beyond their skill. So, a kind soul directed me to this site (GBC fans hacking stuff) and obviously, I'm amazed at how much you guys have advanced in cracking stuff here.

I wanted to ask for the help of a skilled hacker for script insertion of English into this Japanese game. I have pointers, directions, tables translated, a Japanese Table ready even...but zero programming skills.
I would super appreciate (and the community too) if you could help me insert said script into the rom and we can have a game to play. Thanks for your consideration :)

Please PM me or reply here if you can help me or show me the way to do it. I already worked much of the writing part and I'd like to get cracking on the programming part in a timely matter :)

***********************************past notes from a fellow volunteer (By the way I have no idea what's he's talking about)**************************************

time for me to take a look... 8)

So let me just understand correctly: you've translated the whole game already, correct? You just can't get it into the game. Well, I'm looking in Tile Molester and I can see that the first kanji shown at the start of the game is at $AEFEF, and if you change the block size to 2x2, they're perfectly formed.

The question is how the game decides to write that first kanji in VRAM. It wouldn't be all that hard to stick an 8x16 alphabet in its place and change the routine to use it instead. If someone can explain to me how to get BGB to produce a trace log, it'd be a real help, because it's the only thing I don't like about the debugger at the moment. Oh, and that pressing F3 to step through ignores jumps, which is REALLY annoying. Anyway, maybe BizHawk will give me a good trace log.

The short answer is, I don't know who you asked about doing this before, but for me, although it's not as simple as some hacks due to not just using kana with predictable hex values, it's still not all that tricky, from what I can see. At least there's no compression that I know of. I'm busy enough with my own projects as it is, but I'll do a little detective work and it might give you a start. :)

EDIT: UNHACKABLE?! Are you kidding me? This was a piece of cake! :D

So the game uses a very simple system for text: it just uses two bytes per character. The first byte is the character number while the second is the 'bank'. 00 is hiragana, 01 is katakana, and the next few are for kanji. Here's a simple table file with Shift-JIS that I just knocked up: … cross7.tbl

It's possible that in my haste I made errors, but check it out. Obviously you'll still have to add the kanji yourself - sorry dude, I'm not going there. :D

So it's pretty simple to just replace the 16x16 font with a 16x16 alphabet (I just did) but the result is horrible: nobody should ever use 16x16 fonts on a Game Boy! So if you want your translation to be GOOD, it'll need to be changed to 8x16, or possibly 8x8. This is certainly possible, and if you really want me to, I might be able to figure it out. Thankfully there's also acres and acres of free space inside the ROM and everything is uncompressed (gotta love Game Boy Color).

For reference, the kana is stored in the ROM at $A819A, the kanji at $AEFEF, and the first text is at $F447C. Post any questions you have. ;)

(also, I don't know about these "many good people" you speak of, but this really was so easy to crack :D )

EDIT2: Looking back at your post, you mention you "have all the tables translated in english and japanese", which may mean you'd figured out what I said here already... but maybe you mean something different when you say 'tables'.

Anyway, I figured you might need to know how the game knows to go to $F447C. Well, no worries: at $F4131 there's a hardcoded pointer that refers to that address. There will obviously be lots of other ones in the game, and thankfully the bank that's loaded with that text ($F4000-F7FFF) has tons of empty space to expand the text, but if you change it to 8x16 then that probably won't even be necessary.

Now I'm just seeing how to change it to 8x16. It doesn't look like that big of a challenge, I'm just not so familiar with the memory layout of the Game Boy. I don't think it'll take long though. ;)

EDIT3: Okay, that's enough for now from me. I've made a start with changing it to 8x16, and with a bit more work I'm sure I can get it done, but I'm in the middle of another translation that people want to see, so for now I'll leave it. I hope this has given you a bit of hope -

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