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(Pokered) Creating an item effect that opens a menu

So I've been messing around for a few days with trying to create an item effect in engine/items/items that when the item is used it opens up a special menu of cheat options. I have a really rough cheat menu already that's programmed to replace the exit option, but it has some minor graphical issues when combined with removing the save option in the safari zone, so I thought it'd be fun to make a literal gameshark item in the game that calls the menu instead. This would also help in making two versions of my hack available, one that gives the player the item, and the other that doesn't.

This is what calls the cheat menu instead of the exit option from engine/menu/start_menu at the end below .displayMenuItem

callab CheatMenu
jp RedisplayStartMenu

My attempts so far are instead put that into a new item effect, which semi work, until i exit the cheat menu and crashes the game. I'm guessing the menu doesn't properly save the screen but I'm not sure how to fix that.

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