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Pokemon Dark Energy BETA 5 Nuzlocke: SinisterHoodedFigure

This is a nuzlocke and promotion of Miksy91's Beta 5 of Pokémon Dark Energy. I have been playing it for a while, making showcases for this game in the past.

Note that I will add more pictures around this week. Still looking forward to seeing what lies at the end of Beta 5. I will also add guides on how to complete sidequests here, once I get around to them.

Nuzlocke Stats so far:
Years ago, a mysterious man named Maxime makes a shady business deal with Mr. Burton, to fund an evil organization known as Team Darkness. Years later, me and my talking Eevee named Viru goes off to the University to meet with Professor Moe.

I fight somebody with a bulbasaur before I am worthy to have it join my party.
Battle Simulators are very helpful, and can give you nice Pokémon Gift Prizes. For every city, I will buy one Pokémon from these Pokémon Center Battle Simulators.

Talk to Professor Moe about the Elemental Orbs. Oscar joins you on your quest as a party member.
In the Ground Gym, my Hoothoot decides to team kill my party by missing every hypnosis, causing the deaths of 3 pokemon at least.

Enraged, I jettisoned the team killing owl. Then I head off to the next city. I pass by a karate guy who broke his leg, and is in need of a First Aid Kit. I press onwards.

Fight a tough Grass gym for the Wooly Hat, but at a terrible cost...

There is a Shiny Squirtle before the North Star Cave. Don't Stand Around in North Star, don't go in without the Wooly Hat, or you will die of Hypothermia. Yeah this cave actually does that. Keep moving, but don't waste time, and reach the end. You'll get through before you pass out for good...

Team Darkness has invaded the town. I nearly get killed by the Team Darkness Captain, siccing his Steelix to break my spine after slaughtering my Pokémon. All hope seems lost, until our friend Oscar bring's us to Dr. Frank's house, and heals everyone that died.
We take on the flying gym before getting the First Aid.

There is a Charmander behind the Cut bush.

Then I head into a long cave, after pressing events, and finally reach the next city. Along the way, I encounter lots of pokemon, some good, some bad.

Pokémon Dark Energy Nuzlocke Video List:
Playlist: … XQNI42vzei
EP 1: … ex=2&t=69s
EP 2: … ei&index=2
EP 3: … ei&index=3
EP 4: … ei&index=4
EP 5: … ei&index=5
EP 6: … ei&index=6
EP 7: … ei&index=7
EP 8: … ei&index=8
EP 9: … ei&index=9

Pokémon Dark Energy Showcase:
Playlist: … AltS3oqbGP
ONIX: … dex=3&t=0s
BIRDS: … GP&index=3
ADRIA: … GP&index=5
TOWER: … GP&index=7
PAGES: … GP&index=8

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