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Pokémon Red/Blue Full Color Open World


Trainers and wild Pokemon scale from their original levels to your highest level
Pidgey Fly item obtained from the Route 1 Potion guy gives you the ability to Fly anywhere from the start of the game
Gen 6 Exp All obtained from the Route 1 Potion guy because the game is a grind without it
Full color overworld
Gen 2 sprites
PSS, updated moves to Gen 7, Dark, Steel, and Fairy, and Running Shoes
Reusable TMs and Deletable HMs
Disabled Badge Requirements for HMs
Updated type matchups

Red FC OW: … s?raw=true
Blue FC OW: … s?raw=true

Notable bugs/quirks:
-There's a white screen that comes up frequently. The first time you'll most likely see it is when you choose your starter. This is a bug from Drenn's Red/Blue Full Color Hack. Just press the "B" button to exit out of the screen.
-Repels may not function anymore. Untested. I know Roaming Red had a repel fix that I haven't gotten to, yet.


FroggestSpirit: Original Hacking - Started this hack, colorized the overworld
Danny-E 33: Graphics - Created the gen 2 graphics patch
pret: Hacking - Made the Pokemon Red disassembly
Drenn: Hacking - Colorized everything else
TSK: Coding - Level scaling routines and Pidgey Fly item
Mateo: Coding - PSS, updated moves to Gen 7, Dark, Steel, and Fairy types, Reusable TMs, Disabled Badge Requirements for HMs, Gen VI Exp Share, and Running Shoes

Thanks to them, and special thanks to TSK because he showed me how to implement level scaling and making the Pidgey Fly register all the locations.

Source code is found here:

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Re: Pokémon Red/Blue Full Color Open World

Late april fool's day joke?

So you took TSK and Red Full Color's code, and called it your own hack and ask for praise? LOL

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Re: Pokémon Red/Blue Full Color Open World

The whitescreen thing only happens in VBA. If you use a better emulator like BGB or Gambatte it doesn't happen. Also, the disassemblies were a team effort by the Pret team, not a solo effort by IIMarckus. You should probably update your credits.

I am not very active on this forum. I only pop in from time to time.


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Re: Pokémon Red/Blue Full Color Open World

"Please don't flame me saying not enough effort was put into this hack to make it worth playing. It still required coding experience to put together the level scaling and Pidgey Fly item, and for what those features alone are worth, it's quite a lot."

You were already flamed as soon as you made this thread.
Just accept the Burn Heal.

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Re: Pokémon Red/Blue Full Color Open World

So, even though this person basically flamed themselves, does anyone have the IPS patches? As I would very much like to archive them.


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