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Anyone have complete midi rips of RBGY (Red/Blue/Green/Yellow) & GSC (Gold/Silver/Crystal)?

I only keep finding bits and pieces and would like the complete soundtracks as midis.

Like, I know there are tools that can EASILY rip the music from these games without any hassle, but it seems nobody has bothered to do so. Personally I would, but I don't own a PC.

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That's an excellent tool! Neat to see Haskell being used for once. :)

Of course, that's far from "tools that can EASILY rip the music from these games without any hassle". Which is because it's not easy: the music does not exist as MIDI inside the ROMs, so it can't really be "ripped", more like "translated".

According to Junichi Masuda:

When we are developing original “Gold/Silver”, the music was created by the machine called Amiga. Then, converted to MIDI data and lastly, reconverted to make as a Game Boy sound.

I, myself programmed the original music. Some of the tracks were created straight to Game Boy sound, so MIDI data won’t exist. Therefor I believe it was very difficult to represent the old Game Boy music.

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