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G/S/C Safari battle type patches!

Following this Mateo/Rangi's guide ( … /151/files) I tried to do myself for my G/S/C 2.0 project and transcribed the added instructions with GBasmEDIT to free space in the actual roms and then these patches are compatible with all GEN II games and with projects started trough classic hacking instead of via disassembly, if you leaved untouched the 0xF and the end of the 0x3 bank. I also added the text for the throwing in the bank 0x40 (G/S) and 0x20 (Crystal), then be careful before use it into a not clean rom.

These patches are for US and italian G/S/C, I didn't tested deeply the safari battle type in US versions, but apparently they work correctly.

This work is a brief of the original edit in the repository to save space, and however isn't tryable without these gameshark cheats:

010219D1 (G/S)
910230D2 (C)

Or editing the Mahogany refuge's traps script. I recommend to try it trough the gameshark codes.

These patches are created with Lunar IPS.

Enjoy it! …

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