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#176 2018-08-04 06:38:45

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Re: [Red Hack] Pokémon Red++ - v3.0.2 Released

No. Stop asking. I am not adding things from random creepypastas to this hack.

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Re: [Red Hack] Pokémon Red++ - v3.0.2 Released

Mateo wrote:

Name: Pokémon Red++

Hack of: Pokémon Red (US)

This is a hack created using the pokered disassembly from the users at Skeetendo.

The goal for this hack is to serve as an updated version of Pokémon Red. It aims to eventually fix most (if not all) of the most glaring oddities of Gen 1, and include many new features and gameplay elements that we have become accustomed to over the years. The story itself is still the same as Gen 1, though there are new locations and small changes to events here and there to freshen things up while still keeping it mostly true to the original Gen 1 story.

Completed Features:
An up-to-date Feature list can always be found here.
This list is up-to-date with the current build on Github.

* Gender selection
* "Normal" version and "Hard" version. Different level curve, trainer teams, and AI
* New "Smart AI", used by Boss trainers in Normal Patch, and all trainers in Hard Patch
* A lot of bugs/oddities from Gen 1 have been fixed
* A few new areas added to Kanto, such as Faraway Island
* Running shoes, faster Surf speed, faster bike
* Physical/Special/Status split from Gen IV+
* Animated EXP Bar in battle
* Pokéball icon in wild battles to indicate a Pokémon species has been caught before
* Pokémon have genders (same ratios as canon games)
* Shiny Pokemon
* Breeding at the Day Care (currently with the Day Care Man's Ditto)
* Dark, Steel, & Fairy types
* All later-gen evolutions and baby versions of the original 151 included, plus some others
* New evolution methods added for the new Pokémon
* All Pokémon obtainable without having to trade
* Several attacks from the newer games added
* Almost all attacks updated to their Gen 6 effect, power, etc.
* Type strength/weakness table updated to Gen 6
* Completely updated move pools for all Pokémon, based on XY/ORAS (but not exact)
* New trainer classes added that were missing from Gen 1
* Trainers have unique names, such as "LASS CONNIE" instead of simply "LASS"
* Offline clone of Wonder Trade, available in every PokéCenter once you have a PokéDex
* Gen 6 style EXP Gain and EXP Share (Not given at the start of the game)
* BW2 Repel System
* Chain Fishing for Shinies
* Pack holds 30 items instead of 20
* HM Moves usable without having to go into the party menu
* Headbutt usable on the overworld, like in GSC and HGSS
* Flash is now a TM instead of an HM
* Item descriptions in Pack and Mart menus
* Berry Trees, working off a step counter
* Some trainers may have Shiny Pokémon, or stronger Pokémon than others in that class
* In-Game Trade Pokémon have unique OT Names, not just "TRAINER"
* Move Deleter
* Move Relearner
* Move Tutors
* More

Bugfixes from Vanilla Red
Fixes include, but aren't necessarily limited to:

* Frozen Pokémon have a chance to thaw on their own
* Waking up does not waste your entire turn
* Focus Energy actually increases Crit chance as intended
* Critical Hit code ported from Crystal, they are no longer based on Speed at all
* Removed Missingno glitch
* NPC does not make impossible claims about Raichu evolving
* Counter can hit any Physical attack, not any Normal or Fighting attack
* Fixed-Damage moves like Dragon Rage no longer ignore type immunity
* Swift can no longer hit during the "invulnerable" turn of Fly or Dig
* No more "Gen 1 Missing" with 100% Accuracy attacks
* Pokémon do not skip learning a move if they gained enough EXP to skip over that level
* Pokémon can learn more than one move per level-up if they are supposed to
* Old Rod can catch more than just Magikarp
* Item evolutions should not accidentally happen via level-up
* Struggle is now ???-Type instead of Normal-Type, so nothing is immune to it
* Player turns to face enemy trainers, like in every game that isn't Red or FireRed
* Fainting a Pokémon or breaking a Substitute doesn't stop Hyper Beam from needing to recharge
* Breaking a Substitute doesn't stop Selfdestruct/Explosion from fainting the user
* Dual-Type Pokemon no longer incorrectly show "Super Effective" or "Not Very Effective" when hit by a move that is strong against one of their types and weak against the other.
* Fixed some issues with Bide damage calculation.
* Sleep moves don't ignore accuracy or overwrite other status conditions if the opponent needs to recharge.
* Fixed Psywave desync glitch from link battles (still more link battle fixes needed).
* Healing moves no longer fail on 255 or 511 HP.
* You are no longer permanently invulverable if you hurt yourself in confusion or are fully paralyzed during the turn when you should use Fly or Dig.
* Fixed a stat overflow bug in Reflect/Lightscreen.
* Rest now gets rid of bad poison.
* Defense cannot become 0 after stat scaling.
* Mirror Move + Partial trapping move desync glitch fixed (still more link battle fixes needed).
* Substitute no longer kills the user if they have exactly 25% HP.
* Fixed an obscure move selection glitch involving Disable and Strugge.
* Fixed sprites loading incorrectly if you looked at a Pokemon's stats while the opponent is Minimized or behind a Substitute.
* More

Upcoming Features
This list is not a guarantee, but these are some planned and hopeful features (in no particular order).

* Fixes to all remaining Gen 1 bugs
* Full Color
* Crystal's Audio Engine, and more songs
* Real-Time Clock, Day/Night
* Bag has pockets, more storage space
* Infinite-Use TMs
* Expanded Pokédex beyond the Gen 1/2 maximum of 255
* "Special" split into Special Attack and Special Defense
* IVs and EVs instead of DVs and Stat EXP
* Individual menu sprites for Pokémon
* Held Items
* Pokegear/Pokenav inspired device
* Rematches with Gym Leaders and other trainers
* New, completely rewritten Trainer AI
* Decapitalization
* Player customization options
* Battle Tower
* Battle Factory
* Battle Tent
* Pokémon World Tournament
* Johto
* Dive areas
* More



* JoesphGames' Wonderlocke of Red++ v2.3
* MoonflowerX3's Nuzlocke of Red++ v2.3

Sprite Credits:

* Gamefreak
* Mateo
* Pyro
* BettyNewbie
* Blue Emerald
* Chamber
* Soloo993
* Berries, Inc.
* Amvz08
* Wes
* Chaos Rush
* JoltJolteon
* Kinected Wires
* Pokemon Essentials (Torkoal)

Additional Credits:

* Miksy91 (Teaching me ASM)
* Dabomstew (Original "Smart AI" routine)
* Danny-E33 (Help/Support, Gen 2 graphics patch base)
* ShantyTown (Help/Support, shiny Pokémon, a few other routines)
* Cartmic (Help/Support over the years, finding ways to restore my interest in Gen 1 hacking)
* IIMarckus, Kanzure, comet, Danny-E33, and all the other contributors to the pokered disassembly project
* Sanqui ("Trainers are not Pokemon" and other stuff)
* Yenatch (Original Proof-of-concept code for using HMs in the field)

Can be added to your signature if you want to link back here!
Fan Banner made by Tokenslot.

Known Bugs
* Some leftover oddities from vanilla Gen 1 still remain, I'll get to them eventually.
* Headbutting trees does not have an animation yet.
* Some of the new moves do not have the proper side effect.
* Some shiny Pokemon have the wrong palette for now.

Not A Bug
* Since people keep thinking this is a bug, I wanted to point out that all Pokémon who participate in battle receive the "full" amount instead of it being split between them. This is how it works in Gen 6, and was absolutely an intentional change.

Download Links:
* Release 2.4.2 - Normal Patch
* Release 2.4.2 - Hard Patch

If you are upgrading, apply the patch to a clean Red Version rom, NOT the old version you were already playing!
Please save inside a Pokémon Center before upgrading for best results.

You can keep track of the project (or compile it yourself unofficially) by looking here.

The copy on github is updated regularly.

For a copy of the source BEFORE we switched engines, you can look here:

Woah, what is this? New release?
(I'm not accessing this site for years, even not playing any pokemon games, though T_T)
Well... I will declare it as welcome-back-present to me >_<
By the way... Great job, man. I'm rooting for you :D

At least... I become a Pokefans once more :)


#178 2018-11-25 14:41:14

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Re: [Red Hack] Pokémon Red++ - v3.0.2 Released

Oh I forgot to update the thread here. 3.0.1 is the latest release now. … 01_is_out/


#179 2018-12-05 03:55:21

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Re: [Red Hack] Pokémon Red++ - v3.0.2 Released

sorry if this is in the thread. what is the difference between hard and normal mode?


#180 2018-12-05 05:29:16

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Re: [Red Hack] Pokémon Red++ - v3.0.2 Released

In the Hard version, the level curve is higher, trainers have better teams, smarter AI, and also the stat boosts you used to gain from earning badges are removed.


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Re: [Red Hack] Pokémon Red++ - v3.0.2 Released

Thank you mateo.

I see that the new version that came out isnt the last one.

When is v4 expected be out?


#182 2018-12-18 06:16:44

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Re: [Red Hack] Pokémon Red++ - v3.0.2 Released

iverson3ai1 wrote:

Thank you mateo.

I see that the new version that came out isnt the last one.

When is v4 expected be out?

Entirely too early to say. There is still a ton of stuff that needs doing for v4.


#183 2018-12-18 16:35:15

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Re: [Red Hack] Pokémon Red++ - v3.0.2 Released

I realized last night I *still* hadn't updated the thread here in a while. So I have links to the latest version, new screenshots, and edited the feature lists a little. Anyways, here are the new screenshots and download links again just in case.




* All IPS patches can be found here.


#184 2019-01-12 07:45:02

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Re: [Red Hack] Pokémon Red++ - v3.0.2 Released


Wow, awesome progress with Red++

And thanks again for taking the time to get me started in hacking and such.

Also, happy new years !!


#185 2019-01-13 23:12:37

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Re: [Red Hack] Pokémon Red++ - v3.0.2 Released

Thank you! And happy new years to you too


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