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[pokecrystal] I made command windows laggy?

I havent't touched their code whatsoever, just barely played with the Oak intro, but the moment the player sprite appears and the Prof asks for your name, it'll take about 1.5 seconds to load the window with the names. While testing if I deleted the player decorations option in the Player's PC, I discovered that window has extremely laggy input as well. I'm not sure if it matters but I'm on the optimization branch of Pokecrystal.

I've only edited a few sprites and the following files
data/text/common_2.asm and data/text/common_3.asm (added some more text entries for the opening speech)
engine/menus/init_gender.asm (delete BGM fade and the light blue screen)
engine/menus/intro_menu.asm (messed with the Intro)

I don't see how could it make the game so laggy all of a sudden. Does it have to do with using the optimization branch? If someone could lend me a hand figuring this out, you can check my commits yourself here: … timization

And a gif demonstrating the lag (tried several emulators so it's not VBA or BGB's fault)


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