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Gen1 - Move Tutor for Event Moves

I see in Red++ that there's a Move Tutor feature. I've want to try to implement something similar, but limited to certain Pokémon. Aiming to use Move Tutors to teach event moves distributed in the era of Gen1.

Event Pokemon:
- < … neration_I>
- < … neration_I>

Fearow - Pay Day
Pikachu - Surf
Pikachu - Fly
Diglett - Acid <émon_Stadium_(Inter … Event_Move>
Psyduck - Amnesia
Rapidash - Pay Day
Magikarp - Dragon Rage

Following Red++, how might I limit the Move Tutor script to just those specific Pokémon/Move combinations?


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Re: Gen1 - Move Tutor for Event Moves

I mean in Red++ defining who can learn what was the same as defining who can learn which TMs, so you'd just only set the specific ones as able to learn that move tutor move. Simple.

I am not very active on this forum. I only pop in from time to time.


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