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Change moves of trainer's Pokemon in Pokered

Is it possible to change trainer's Pokemon moves? For example, Elite Four's.


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Re: Change moves of trainer's Pokemon in Pokered

It is, but it's a pain using the default system(s). Pokered assumed that most trainers would just use the default moves. Then, it added a list of custom individual moves for gym leaders and the elite four, and a handful of hardcoded moves for the final rival battles. Yellow made the system a little more flexible, but still sort of a pain. If you're going to want to have a lot of trainers with unique movesets on their Pokemon, your best option is to rewrite that part of the trainer routine to use a format that is more easily customizable. I made it work more like Gen 2, where a certain trainer type just lists the moveset right after the pokemon. So it would be level, pokemon, 4 moves (for each pokemon on their team), instead of just level, pokemon, and then custom moves split up across 2 or 3 files and done strangely like it is by default. If you want to switch to that system, I can show you how.

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Re: Change moves of trainer's Pokemon in Pokered

i'm intersting to make that.
Mateo, you can help me to build it?


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