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No Levels, No PC?

Hi everyone, I've been lurking around the forum for a while and am a big fan of the hacks I've played! There are some problems that I've had with the games and am wondering what others think and if there are ways to implement them into GSC. (I understand that these might be impossible because it would completely restructure the game.)

I'm wondering if there is a way to implement no levels in GSC? I've always had a problem with how at arbitrary levels a Pokemon evolves. I think stones, happiness, place, and move evolutions better explain a mon's relationship to the trainer or environment. I think Tyrogue's evolution, based on its stats is a really great example too: it links the mon to its inherent attributes.

No levels would mean that a mon evolves depending on its stats. For example, Kadabra evolves when its Special Attack reaches 100 or so. This in effect would make levels useless.

Is there a way to hide or remove levels so that stat gains happen after each battle?

2. NO PC
I've never found the PC a very convincing part of Pokemon, it is never really explained other than Bill inventing it. As a game mechanic it is a magical gimmick and never really tied to any specifics of the game. I like the idea of a "Ranch," like in the anime, where you can go to store your mons. I'm imaging a ranch, where you can walk up to any sprite of the mon and talk to it to retrieve it. Throughout the game you'll have to make connections to other ranches (which act like PC boxes) in order to store more mons.

Could the Daycare be scripted to hold more than 2 mons (breeding not necessary)?

What do others think of these possible changes? I know that levels and the PC are a convenient methods, which is why they are in the games, but I do not find them convincing game mechanics.


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