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[pokeyellow] Title Screen Restoration

I've been try to restore a Red / Blue / Green-like more traditional title screen to my Yellow hack in an effort to de-Pikachu things. This is what I have so far: … e80ef69272

It's... almost there, maybe.

The logo is a mess, the copyright is displaying incorrectly, and the palette makes a strange red flash on Pokémon rotation. But I am displaying a trainer, with a rotating party, and the Pokéball animates. So that's kind of good.

Can anyone help me out in cleaning this up and getting it to display correctly?

UPDATE: Progress! Copyright is good now. And thanks to dannye's Pokémon Prototype project, I have a nifty logo that fits too. What is still lacking: the bit of out of place red in the logo and that the logo entirely flashes red/yellow (the Pokémon's palette) on Pokémon rotation. To a lesser extent, it'd be nice if the Pokémon's palette was their actual palette instead of red/yellow.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The trainer is no longer blue. And, more importantly, I've narrowed the weird logo changing red issue down to line 306 with the `ld [hWY], a` - but I don't know how to address that.
Most recent commits can be found here: … ture/intro

Other questions I have currently related to the intro of the game:
1) How can I either change the default settings, or have the game load them from save earlier than the menu display. If in my options I am set to Headphones1 instead of Mono, I'd like to hear that stereo sound through the intro and titlescreen too - right now it kicks in at the main menu. This is more a core Yellow quirk or limitation than a bug I introduced.
2) My addition of the original intro is mostly in good shape ( … aa4f828da9), save for a few things. The fade at the end doesn't look right. And if you press any buttons early (i.e., try to speed through the copyright and GameFreak logos), the colours will be bit incorrect (black blotches, Nidorino's ear in the screenshot below). How can I fix these issues?

4GZVlfK.png boHeXEN.png VVfWcAC.png

Thank you,

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