’Cause all games were better on the GBC

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[REQUEST THREAD] Restore all GB Pokémon games.

Hi, this thread is a favor I'm asking, since I suck at rom hacking and I don't have such time (or pacience) to learn it.

I saw how much differences exist between the japanese and localizated versions of Gen I, there are a couple of hacks that aimed to restore but they didn't restored the whole Gen I.

One of my favorites is MontBlanc's Red&Green:
But he doesn't restored Blue/Yellow.

There are also this blue:
But need some uncensorship and other features as MontBlanc's do.

There's also ShaneM Red&Green+Blue Restoration:
But it seems that are some slot machine issues that wasn't fixed.
Also, no Yellow. :(

Here we can see some nearly complete Gold/Silver/Crystal restoration hacks by NikcDC

Just need some adjustment's as I commented in those post as sprites and wild encounters for GS and Sonicboom's animation instead of the re-used Gust animation for all the three.

I see there are talented people here that do great hacks, can someone care to restore all the 7 games and make them the best english localization?

+15 Years enjoying the very first Pokémon Generation, I never get tired, I always find a new way to do something different and make the whole journey worth again.


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