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RBY Savefile compatibility

So I've recently played Pokémon Red Japanese Translation (the Montblanc version) and discovered that the savefile was compatible with the Green Japanese Translation (also by Montblanc), and so it was with normal Red and Blue. (Maybe they aren't news for you, but they're for me)
But when I played with Pokémon Yellow, something similar to this happened:

Also I've discovered various things, since my savefile was after beating the Elite 4:
-If you Fly from Pallet Town to any other place after loading your ported savefile, the game will "return to normal", but if you Fly back to Pallet Town Oak will say "Hey, wait, don't go out!" and a glitched sequence will start.
-If you walk from Viridian City to Pallet Town, the sequence will display correctly, until you enter Oak's lab, the game will seem to crash, until you wait a bit and press A, then everything will "return to normal" but the music will not play correctly after that.
-If you have a Pikachu on your PC (which was my case) the game will recognize it as the main Pikachu, and Pikachu will be very very angry.

Anyway, I'm very surprised by this. I'm aware that Pokémon Yellow was a different ROM in comparison to Red and Blue, but I'm wondering if there's any tool or solution to port a savefile from a Red/Blue ROM successfully, with the possibility to change the events flags correctly to avoid bugs.

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