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[RMXP] Release: Still working on the name (beta)

Hi, for almost 7 years I'm losing and remaking this idea of mine. I really did not want to release this game, as it is short, but maybe there's someone out here who's willing to help me construct and organize my thoughts or maybe even add some ideas.

Plot: Set in rby timeline, you're a Pokemon trainer who'll just roam around the region(s). You have the freedom to explore KANTO, HOENN and JOHTO, albeit there's still some road blocks ahead of you(youll need to acquire hm or just wait for whoever the protagonist is on the region to unlock it).



PiaCarrot - Overworlds, mostly sprite devamps
Curt - The starter kit he made inspired me on doing this, my first project using it is lost, atm I didn't used it again but nonetheless thanks!
ck47 - Using his Devamped Hoenn region as a guide. Also some Overworlds.
Badassbill - Making his rips a guide for mapping
Sonni Chaos - Making his rips a guide for mapping
Desgardes - Making his rips a guide for mapping
Pokemon Essentials GS v1.1, made the project revive. seriously, my notebook died with my last work, never having the chance to be released. This version makes it easier to redo all of it.
Chamber, Soloo993, Blue Emerald, Lake, Neslug, Pikachu25 & RYTA - For the Minidex Pokemon Table.
solo993 - Overworld
Mateo - Various Tileset/Devamps
com3tiin - some of his Naturia Overworlds
Skeetendo - Gen 1&2 Fan base
Ghost_Missingno - Overworlds
sweet_guts - Snorlax Fanart

*please let me know if there's a content that belongs to you that needs permission/needs to be removed.

BETA ends at slateport city.

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