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Decompressing sprites in pokecrystal

I'm trying to use PokeCrystal to insert the beta Gold sprites into a Gen 2 game, but I am having difficulty editing the sprites. Given the volume of sprites to insert, it isn't possible to add more Pokemon without replacing many, as the game is hardcoded for 253 Pokemon. So the issue I'm trying to work through is image replacement.

The PokeCrystal guide on PC ( says that I need to decompress the image file in order to edit it (since I'm assuming it isn't as easy as inserting and renaming sprites). When I go to replace Totodile with the beta Water starter, I type into Cygwin:

> python png gfx/Pokemon/Totodile/front.2bpp ".

It then spits out:

> Traceback (Most Recent call last):
> File "", line 6, in <module>
> from extras.Pokemontools import gfx, lz
> ImportError: no module named extras.Pokemontools

and nothing seems to happen, as the .2bpp file is still present and uneditable. I can't find anything on the sub, Github or PC about the "extras.Pokemontools", so I'm wondering where I went wrong in the process, assuming that's the error. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


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Re: Decompressing sprites in pokecrystal

You just need to run from the parent directory, not from inside the extras/ directory
Then run it with `python extras/ png gfx/Pokemon/Totodile/front.2bpp`


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