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#1 2018-03-05 01:41:35

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(PokeRed) & (PokeYellow) - Removing Safari Zone battle script?

Long time no see,

I was wondering if it is possible to remove both guards in the Safari Zone Gate in R/B/Y  (when you walk though the walls to get in the Safari Zone, you get infinite balls and steps, but this is not what I want...). What I want is completely removing the Safari Battle script and fight in the Safari Zone like any other ordinary wild battle. How can I do this with PokeRed and PokeYellow? Thanks in advance. :)

EDIT : I successfully removed the script that makes you pay 500$ to enter the Safari Zone by editing "scripts/safarizoneentrance.asm". Now I am stuck with making the Safari Zone fight style be like any normal wild fight.

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#2 2018-03-05 18:42:11

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Re: (PokeRed) & (PokeYellow) - Removing Safari Zone battle script?

I didn't do extensive testing but this seems to work:

To make the battles behave like normal battles, go to engine/battle/init_battle_variables.asm at the very bottom, change "jr nc, .notSafariBattle" to "jr .notSafariBattle"

However this means you will have access to your normal bag, and you will not have access to the safari balls.
Also, the step counter will still kick you out when it reaches zero. I'm not exactly sure what you wanted it to do, based on your post.

To stop the step counter from decrementing and kicking you out, remove the line "callba SafariZoneCheckSteps" from home/overworld.asm

To stop the step counter and ball count from printing on the pause menu, remove the line "callba PrintSafariZoneSteps" from engine/menu/start_menu.asm

These three changes plus your change with removing the script from the gate will make the safari zone act like any other map


#3 2018-03-07 00:35:39

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Re: (PokeRed) & (PokeYellow) - Removing Safari Zone battle script?

Sorry if I intrude in the thread, but I restored the safari Battle type in Gold Silver and Crystal. How I can switch the battle type to the added? Currently I can test the battle type via cheat codes, and the Contest battle type can be switched setting the 2Bit 0x10 in G/S and 0x11 in Crystal, switch the battle type and change also the start menu with the contest start menu type. The 2Bit for the Safari zone should be the next, but is currently unused, if I set it don't change nothing. There is something that I could do to to switch to the battle type and to the steps counter when I set the unused bit? Also the bit become cleared if I use FLY, I should have to update the FLY function to clear also that flag?

Last thing, when the flag is turned on don't afflict the fishing, you continue to fish normal pokémons with your own balls without switch to the contest battle type, works only for the grass encounters, is the reason why the fountain in the park is totally closed also if have a fishing index. I want instead to switch also when I'm fishing like in R/G/B/Y.

Then, what I have to do? XD I know that there is an unreferenced function to the steps in the Crystal repository for the safari different start menu, that shouldn't have the SAVE function like the contest start menu to avoid sort of glitch city glitches.

The italian Pokémon Green creator.


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