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Pokemon Stadium Hack: Pokemon Stadium Kaizo

Hack Name: Pokémon Stadium Kaizo

Hack of: Pokémon Stadium 1, (Transfer pak compatible with Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow)

This hack is the first major Pokémon Stadium 1 hack released. It is a much harder version of Pokémon Stadium 1, with some nice features:
Rental Pokémon for all cups are significantly improved. Some are exclusive to certain cups, in order to allow move variety. You can register all 151 Pokémon in the Hall of Fame, though you'll need to reach round 2 in order to register one more rental Pokémon to the hall of fame.
It is possible to beat the game without the Transfer pack.

This is a passion project that I always wanted to do someday. I spent a good 3 months editing and playtesting the hack.

Gym Leader castle presumably has the same story as the original games: Beat the 8 gyms, Team Rocket, and the Pokémon League, in a big scary castle, while winning 4 tournaments. Doing so will give you the chance to face off against the most ferocious Pokémon to exist...


AI Tests - 100%
Movesets - 100%
Teams - 100%
Name and Colors - 100%
Rental Choices - 100%
Rental Movesets - 100%
Rental Levels - 100%
Guaranteed way to get PJ64 to run the game - 50% (I need to test this outside)

Download …

You'll need winzip to extract the BPS file. You'll need the BPS patcher, or FloatingIPS, and a base rom to patch it to.

Credits (If there are any)
Froggy25 - Maker of the Pokémon Stadium Editor
SinisterHoodedFigure- Author, editor, and playtester
Nintendo - Owns Pokemon
Project64 helpers - Anyone who helps out with getting the game to run on Project64 emulator.

Crystal Kaizo...
Not the hardest hack, but probably the most... Sinister … +Kaizo.ips


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Re: Pokemon Stadium Hack: Pokemon Stadium Kaizo

Sounds amazing. Can't wait to play it.

Which version of Stadium did you use as the base though? I can't really test it without knowing.

I'm pretty sure I know what's the issue with PJ64. but without testing, I can't be sure. Might be the same issue I had when hacking Stadium 2.

Speaking of which, do you know if the Stadium Editor you used works on Stadium 2? It might speed up the Rental Mon editing I need to do.

Hacking Stadium 2. Could really use some help though.


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