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GOOFY GUIDE: How to use a ????? pokémon to show a new pic (Crystal)

A routine called "IsApokemon" … L987-L1003

Avoid to load correctly a ????? MissingN°. to show it's pic. Is possible replace this routine with simple
and a;
instructions to skip the routine. (Thanks to Sanqui from Jul for this)

To use them to show the pics you have also to update their structure, otherisw will not show correctly the size of the pics and the 0xFC will crash also if you call it only to show the pic with the pokepic script.

Their structure (and the egg structure) strangely is located after the end of the pokémon names (that starts after the Celebi structure) and then the 0xFC form will not work 'cause will read as structure the start of the Bulbasaur name.

I don't know how move the pokémon names data to make room for the ????? structures in the disassembly, but however if you want to use the hex editor you can move the pokémon names and repoint them trough the pointer at the offset 0x3451, the bank is located at the offset 0x3440 but I didn't analize the asm and then I don't know what happens if you move also the bank, however you can move the names to gain free space for all the ????? forms using the same bank, every structure needs of 0x20 bytes and the bank have enough free space also if you overwrite the ????? structures after the names (I tried to delete them and is however possible see the egg pic with the pokepic script) and then if you copy the Celebi structures you can stabilize every ????? form to show their pics. You have however to set the size to show them correctly, the size is set in the 18th structure byte, to set a size of 5x5 type 55 in the 18th byte.

The pointers to the ????? forms pics were read where the Ho-oh pic starts, except for the 0xFC form that load the pointer for the frontsprite and the backsprite between the Celebi backpic and the EGG front pic, the pointers are FFFFFF and FFFFFF. The egg have also a fake pointer (FFFFFF) for the backpic but obviously is unused 'cause you can't use an egg to fight.

If you want to add pics for the 0xFE and 0xFF forms (maybe also for the 0x00, that is the N° 256, but I didn't tested) you have to overwrite the beginning of the Ho-oh frontsprite, I don't know how you can move Ho-oh backsprite if you are using the disassembly, but certainly if you're a dissassembly hacker you know how do it.

There is free space starting from the offset 0x1669e0, enough to insert Ho-oh front pic and other pics, the Ho-oh pointer that have to be updated is at the offset 0x23e069, if you choose that free space you'll have to indicate the 23 byte like bank for the pointer, the same for other pics added in that bank.

It's enough to add pokémons to show new pics, I don't know if is possible use them like true pokémons maybe yes if you know how set correctly their structure, with a structure copyed by a Celebi an ????? could appear without bugs and have a front and back pic to see in fight or in the box or in your party, certainly however are perfect like pics for the showpic script. I don't know correctly the structures, but I know that the 0xFE and 0xFF works correctly with the fossils form if you move the pokémon names by 0x20 next bytes leaving also the original first 20 bytes, like this as example:


With this configuration the 0xFC form don't work, works only if I copy the Celebi structure under it, but the size is scramble, if I set the 18th byte to 50 (that is the byte that allow the pic to were seen correctly) crash when loaded in the pokepic. Maybe something wrong with the structure that I don't know correctly.

However this guide works to obtain at least 2 ????? pokémons to show their pics.

A similar routine seems exists also in Gold and SIlver: … .asm#L1599 (routine in G/S) … L987-L1003 (routine in Crystal)

but if I try to replace it like in Crystal nothing happens, seems to remain the same, the egg continues to work and the ????? with the land data resource continues to appear, ignoring the pic pointers, the structure etc.

The italian Pokémon Green creator.


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