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Re: Devamp/Custom Graphics Thread

FRLG devamps


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Re: Devamp/Custom Graphics Thread

You posted private links to images in your personal account, and we are getting a 403 Forbidden error. Please fix your links.

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Re: Devamp/Custom Graphics Thread

Hey! Do we happen to have a repository for sprites of all mons gen 2 style? I'm having trouble compiling the (amazing btw) ones scattered through this thread :x


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Re: Devamp/Custom Graphics Thread

Bloodless has all of them compiled. He's working on backsprites for all of them, though and because of that I wouldn't expect a release for a while.


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Re: Devamp/Custom Graphics Thread

Hi! im new here, im enter because i see this site. English isn't my first lenguage and... i need say the true, i'm not good at all. But i want give my part in this fantastic gbc world, and i made this Poilope for this thread.


And this old Ralts



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