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Devamping Trick to Retain Pixelation

Here's a method to devamp sprites quickly while retaining pixelation using Photoshop. It can work on any game wherein you need to devamp pixel art, but I'm using the original Red/Blue generation sprites as an example.

If you need to change/reduce the color pallete, select the bucket tool and check the boxes for anti alias (this will allow it to work better with pixels) and contiguous (this will make the paint bucket effect everything of the same color regardles sof whether the pixels are touching).

Next is resizing. This method retains pixelation, but it displaces the pixels to do so. The greater the difference in size, the more displacement you'll get.
You might want to crop first. I find it best to crop to the very edge of the imageso as to reduce the amount of displacement.
Then go in with a little artisticness and re-add the missing pixels, do a little cleaning up (or a lot). You can usually get these looking nice if you spend more time on this part.

Now I like to use save for web. It works perfectly for the gen 1 sprites and making sure they have the correct colors and size.

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