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Pokémon Axyllia - looking for members.

Hello there Skeetendo, MapUpdater here. I'm here to recruit people to work on a hack.
This project started on the /vp/ board on 4chan, by users placing random tiles on a map template, before we decided on a general plotline, a Pokédex and that it would be a Gen II - specifically Crystal - hack, using the Pokémon Crystal disassembly.
The game will feature 253 Pokémon (Gen 1-4 plus two fakemon and Sylveon), 16 regional variant lines (4 per generation), an engaging plot, gen VI type chart, key objects to substitute HMs and probably a bunch more.
Right now the project is still in the alpha/planning phase (that's why I'm posting here instead of the Game Boy hack forum) and while any kind of help is accepted, we need another coder to lighten the workload on our main hacker. He's willing to accept even an unexperienced hacker, with the requirement that they have either previous experience with any kind of assembly or have written anything sizeable in C, in which case they should show willingness to learn z80.
Here is the current recap image, with all the information we've established for the hack as of now:
If you want to help us, are curious or you just want to say hello, drop by our Discord:
Threads on /vp/ are made on the weekends, if you prefer to seek contact through there.

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