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[PokéRed/PokéBlue] Ghost sprite pointers ?

Hi everyone, i search pointers for Ghost sprite appears in Lavander Tower. I know sprite itself is at 366B5. I know pointers for Kabutops fossile (id = B6) is at 154F and for Aerodactyl fossile (id = B7) is at 155F but i can't find where are pointers for Ghost (id = B8). I also found bytes at 1558 corresponding of adress where Ghost sprite is located but when i tried to change it, nothing happened. If anyone knows hex address where is stored this pointer can help, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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#2 2017-10-19 01:06:23

Danny-E 33
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Re: [PokéRed/PokéBlue] Ghost sprite pointers ?

As you mentioned, the ghost pic is at 0D:66B5 (0x366B5).

There are two pointers to this address.

In the function GetMonHeader (at addresses 0x1537) there is this line:

ld de,GhostPic     ;     11 B5 66  -  at address 0x1557

The other pointer to GhostPic is in a function named InitWildBattle (at address 0F:6F8B (0x3EF8B)), which contains this line:

ld bc, GhostPic    ;     01 B5 66  -  at address 0x3EFA8

Is there any particular reason you are hex editing your hack?
You should strongly consider using the disassembly instead.
From there, the GetMonHeader function is in home.asm and the InitWildBattle function is in engine/battle/core.asm


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Re: [PokéRed/PokéBlue] Ghost sprite pointers ?

Ok i got it. The first is the one i found but i didn't know the second. Thanks for advices.


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