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Ho-oh Event Problems

I'm not sure what exactly is going on.
I caught Entei and Raikou while they were roaming. Got the Clear Bell from beating Team Rocket at the Radio Tower. Fought Suicune and caught it. After catching Suicune, Eusine and the three Elders enter the room. The event plays out, Eusine leaves and you can talk to the Elders. The three Elders are standing in a row and you can talk with all of them. But when you walk to the top of the room, the three Elders are also there. Talk to one and he makes the stairway to the roof appear.

However, if you leave the room, then reenter, the three Elders who were at the top of the room are no longer there. If you hadn't talked to them, there's no way to make the stairs appear. The three Elders are hanging out around the middle and only talk about the two towers.

My goal is to make it so when you catch the three beasts, you'll be given the Rainbow Wing and you can fight Ho-oh, but I'm getting stuck.
Don't remember how to properly post scripts, but if someone reminds me I'll post the scripts I have.


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