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Create Overworld Shortcuts

How would I go about creating short cuts in the overworld?
Ex: A path over Union Cave directly connection Route 32 and Route 33 (blocked with a cut bush)
I tried editing the map to create a link, but once I made it to the other route, the tiles got messed up.


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Re: Create Overworld Shortcuts

The routes that are connected via union cave use two different tilesets. As such, you cannot walk between them without a warp, such as a route gate or a cave, because the new tileset is not reloaded just by walking between the maps. They also use different spritesheets, which has the same issue. There is not a good way to do this the way you want. You would need to rework Tileset 1 to have the needed tiles and metatiles for slowpoke well, remap azalea town to use that tileset, and then of course the much trickier thing of figuring out a spritesheet that would cover all of those maps. Basically, gatehouses and similar connections exist for a reason, and it is pretty much impossible to make shortcuts around all of them without completely rewriting the way the game handles loading things, or sacrificing detail in a lot of places by sharing spritesheets between more and more places.

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