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Re: [Patch] Extension 255 icons/minis

So I was able to get the sprites working, but now I'm getting an error with the overworld portion.
I've changed route39.asm, route39barn.asm, Sprite_Constants.asm, and overworld.asm to include Miltank

But every time I go to build the rom, I get the error Unknown Symbol 'SPRITE_MILTANK'

Well I was able to build the rom...but now none of the Pokemon in the overworld don't appear correctly.
The Jigglypuff in the pokemon center was a Vaporeon, and a Nidoran was a Furret. The Miltank are displaying as Bellsprout
Anyone know how to fix this?


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Re: [Patch] Extension 255 icons/minis

Can't figure out what's going on with the Daycare Mons
Some times they work, other times they don't


LVw54Vb.png?1 jXXwWZK.png?1



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Re: [Patch] Extension 255 icons/minis

See the fix to engine/mon_icons.asm … 0098e9df2a

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Re: [Patch] Extension 255 icons/minis

I did that. I copied all of the files from the fix
And yeah I added the line "ld [CurIcon], a" to my engine/mon_icons.asm file, but it gives me the same issue

I can send you a zip of the archive just so you can see I'm not crazy
For the life of me I can't get github to work. My commits and changes won't upload

Edit; So I've made a discovery. I had to split the icons into two banks

Charizard is in bank 1
Tauros and Totodile are in bank 2
Eevee lines up with Charizard in bank 2
Bulbasaur lines up with Tauros in bank 1
Nidoqueen lines up with Totodile in bank 1

Seems as if the sprites are being picked from both banks and switching icons instead of just one (not sure what causes the switch yet).
Ideas to fix?

Edit; and before anyone posts it again, I've already done everything within the "Fixed overworld sprites" posted by Maniac379

If someone could actually look at my scripts, it would be really helpful

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