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Im using the pokered files but i cant find a very basic tutorial to create new warps.

Im trying to build some structures in Pallet Town like a pokecenter, mall, etc... But i dont know how to do it. I can build easily any building with the tool RB map but this program has no warp creator. I dont know how to create a new area like a pokecenter and connect both sides (Pallet Town and new pokecenter) with a door. There is no tutorial on the net (or i cant find it) so i call your help.

I was editing the text of pallettown.blk but it needs to be created the pokemon center in another text file i supose. How can i do it?

¿Someone can help te to create my first warp or shows me a tutorial?



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Re: Warps

The map constants are in map_constants.asm: … stants.asm
The third number is the id of the warp you're warping to.  "$0" would mean the first warp defined in the destination map.  "$1" means the second, and so on...

Remember, you need to update the number of warps if you add/remove entries.  You also want to add/remove from the warp-to data at the end of that file.


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Re: Warps

I think the X and Y coordinates are in reverse, first goes Y then X. As for the third coordinate, I'm currently editing some of the objects in Viridian City and I don't understand how to move them to the part of the tile I need.

EDIT: Figured it out. As it's been said, it's the "warp number" on the destination map. For example, in Rock Tunnel, $0 is the entrance on Route 10 North (next to the Pokécenter), $2 is the exit at the south (iirc) and then you have the warps to the other floors. You can check that in the Map Objects part of the destination file.

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