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Add new moves in pokered

I have been trying to add new moves using a combination of other animations. It happened that when I used the move in battle the name shown is "STRUGGLE" instead of the move name. I have already added const NIGHT_SLASH  ; a5 tp the move constants.asm. I also added in data/animations.asm dw NightSlashAnim and gave it an animation. Besides that I added the move name and power in Moves.asm. I dont know what else I need to do to make it show the proper name during battle and outside of it-


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Re: Add new moves in pokered … 83d6ddb88c

There's a commit where all I did was add AncientPower. It just reused an animation though.


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Re: Add new moves in pokered

It seems my mystake was to not include the new move in the core.asm. I do not know if the game has a limitation to the number of posible animations. Anyway I mixed some animations and got some cool effects. I added a dark screen effect from ThunderPunch and added to Slash and looks cool. The only bad thing is that Im still not able to correct the name Struggle to Night Slash during battle and in status screen.

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