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#1 2017-05-27 12:47:10

value chain
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Red disassembly project people

Hey fellas!

You see, I'm working on a little hack for some months now, and I think it's almost done. But I would like to know the usernames of all the people that worked in the disassembly project, so I can add them in the credits.
The hack itself is nothing special, it's just red/blue with all 151 pokemon available, changed levels, and some other bits and pieces, this kind of hacks may be a bit easy to do, but, as this is my first hack ever, I just wanted to add the things I would have liked to be in red/blue when I was a kid. By your standards, it will be probably a pretty bland and uninteresting hack, but a lot of work went there and I still wanna thank those people somehow, as I would have been incapable of doing all that without the disassembly.
I will even upload the hack here, if someone asks for it.

Thanks guys


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#3 2017-05-27 12:53:16

value chain
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Re: Red disassembly project people

Whoa. Thanks for the very quick response :)


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