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Importing Pokemon Graphics from Gold to Silver.

Hi to all. I'm trying to import all the pokemon front and back sprites from Gold to Silver, just to play Silver with those sprites on my N2ds.

So, starting and taking bytes (with GF) from here and here, I'm just copy-pasting everything from Gold to Silver, but then, some issues comes out: only Magnemite, Voltorb, Ditto and Natu front sprites (back sprites are OK) are loading in the wrong way somehow.

Any explanation on why this happens?

P.S: I've downloaded the PokeGold disassembly but since there are not PNG pics to replace, I don't know what I have to change or use to "make pokesilver" with custom sprites.

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Re: Importing Pokemon Graphics from Gold to Silver.

for the disassembly can convert the images in the disassembly to .png and back, I dont see individual images specified for building gold or silver so I think they may be stored in the same image


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