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Physical/Special Split

Hi all.  I've always wanted to add in the Phs/Spec split into gen 2...specifically crystal.  I've been looking around and I found some info about a patch someone did, so I tried using that on my hacked Crystal I've been working on and I found that it causes a whole bunch of strange game breaking glitches and I'm pretty sure that the patch diddnt even implement the split anyway.  Now, I diddnt test it out with a vanilla rom, but I'm sure it probably works fine for a fresh one.  When editing in pokecrystal something must ave been changed or been repointed somewhere else after compiling the rom that caused the glitches, that's my guess anyway.

So my question is, how might I go about adding in the Physical/Special split in my already modified pokecrystal disassembly?  I thought of adding the split to a fresh rom and then just copying my changes from the disassembly but I wasn't sure how to turn a hacked rom back into the disassembly if that's even doable.  It would be easy if I just type in what the patch did into pokecrystal myself, but I'm still new and I'm not sure what the patch changed or where I'd have to type it in anyway.

So what do you guys recommend?


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Re: Physical/Special Split

There might be a simpler implementation but I followed what Ragni did

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