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#1 2016-12-22 12:01:35

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Modifying OAM sprite colors in pokecrystal

I'm still having trouble with coloring the party menu sprites by species, instead of all being red.

There's this section in wram.asm:

SECTION "Sprites", WRAM0 [$c400]

Sprites:: ; c400
; 4 bytes per sprite
; 40 sprites
; struct:
;    y (px)
;    x (px)
;    tile id
;    attributes:
;        bit 7: priority
;        bit 6: y flip
;        bit 5: x flip
;        bit 4: pal # (non-cgb)
;        bit 3: vram bank (cgb only)
;        bit 2-0: pal # (cgb only)
    ds 4 * 40

As far as I can tell, the leaked Pokémon Prism code achieves its colored party sprites by directly editing this data. (Check out its engine/mon_icons.asm routines, in particular LoadPartyColors and ProcessPokemonColor.) My attempt to adapt these routines isn't working. And the simplest thing I can think of that should work still doesn't:

InitPartyMenuGFX: ; 503e0
    ld hl, PartyCount
    ld a, [hli]
    and a
    ret z
    ld c, a
    xor a
    ld [hObjectStructIndexBuffer], a
    push bc
    push hl
    ld e, $0
    farcall LoadPartyIcons ; Prism assigns colors here
    ld a, [hObjectStructIndexBuffer]
    inc a
    ld [hObjectStructIndexBuffer], a
    pop hl
    pop bc
    dec c
    jr nz, .loop

    ; simple test - force the top corner of the first sprite to be green?
    ld hl, Sprites + 3
    ld a, PAL_OW_GREEN
    ld [hl], a

    farcall PlaySpriteAnimations

I know that engine/sprites.asm:GetSpriteOAMAttr is ultimately responsible for getting the current OAM sprite color, and modifying it works to force all sprites to be a certain color. But modifying it to know when it's being called by the party menu, and get the species-specific color there, seems convoluted and wrong. The "correct" place to assign the sprite color is along with the other sprite properties, in mon_icons.asm. What could I be doing wrong?

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#2 2016-12-23 00:43:31

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Re: Modifying OAM sprite colors in pokecrystal

engine/pokegear.asm:_Area is a more tractable example. There's a section ".HideNestsShowPlayer" that runs if you hold Select while looking at a Pokédex Area map. It clearly loads the appropriate data into the first 16 bytes of the Sprites WRAM section. When I add extra code for the next 16 bytes, the icon appears correctly.

; add at the end of _Area, after "call ByteFill"
    ; begin example
    ld hl, Sprites + 4 * 4
    ld de, .ExampleOAM
    ld a, [de]
    cp $ff
    jr z, .example_done
    inc de
    ld [hli], a
    jr .example_loop
    ; end example

    ;  y       x       tid  attr
    db 45 - 8, 42 - 8, $7f, PAL_OW_RED
    db 45 - 8, 42,     $7f, PAL_OW_BLUE
    db 45,     42 - 8, $7f, PAL_OW_GREEN
    db 45,     42,     $7f, PAL_OW_BROWN
    db $ff


What confuses me is when it's possible to do this. Either there's a precondition I need to set up for the party menu, or something runs afterward that resets it. Any tips?

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