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What hardware and software could Game Freak have used to make Gen 1+2?

Nowadays anyone can download the disassembled Z80 source code and make a game with full help from a modern development environment: text editors with IDE features, a compiler that takes seconds to rebuild a whole ROM, emulators, debuggers... But what would have been the standard tools for early 90s GameBoy devs? Some of the deleted content hints at their testing and debugging process, but what about actually writing the code and running it? How quick was the cycle of "write code -> build ROM -> get feedback/find bugs -> repeat"?


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Re: What hardware and software could Game Freak have used to make Gen 1+2?

When we started developing for Pokemon Red and Blue,
we at Game Freak took a plunge and bought a UNIX machine
called SUN SPARCstation 1.

Even now I think it was such a bold step because
it was very very expensive.

We also installed LAN boards from Allied Telesis
in our PC9801Xa and Epson computers in order to set up a LAN environment.
Four or five of us logged into the network from different
computers so that we could work together, but it was so slow.

When I was in technical school I studied CG and C language
using a medium-sized computer by DEC, and before I knew it
I was really into UNIX.

For someone like me, therefore, SUN was such an easy-to-use

When we are developing original
“Gold/Silver”, the music was created by
the machine called Amiga.
Then, converted to MIDI data and lastly,
reconverted to make as a Game Boy sound.

I, myself programmed the original music.
Some of the tracks were created straight to
Game Boy sound, so MIDI data won’t exist.
Therefor I believe it was very difficult
to represent the old Game Boy music.

Nintendo released a development kit, but I don’t know anything about it.

A couple of games actually used RGBDS (so the story goes), but I doubt anything in Japan did.

Testing could have been done on Intelligent Systems’s emulators or a Wide Boy or even plain Game Boys with flash carts.

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Re: What hardware and software could Game Freak have used to make Gen 1+2?

That's very informative, thank you!


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