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What do you look like?

I'm an ooooold forum member (as in before this board existed).
Boards back then had sections like this one that were for any post. The thing is, the 'whatever' sections were active, very active, people made life long friends. I myself still talk to people from the Guns N Roses communities. We had threads for anything and everything. We also had a subsection for 'flaming' where people could vent about celebrities, school, work, friends, other forum members, etc
It was good, I know it sounds like chaos but this sort of thing led to cross country games, bands, artwork and life long friendships. I'm sure some of the older members here will remember how things used to be. So here's me, trying to be more than a name. This is what I look like:

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Re: What do you look like?


This was just a pic of me after working out at the gym when I got back in my car, looks somewhat decent so w/e


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