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Castform Formes?

Has anyone figured out how to change formes in battle like how castform does? For pokecrystal.
The only way i can think of is setting the different types as different pokemons.

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Re: Castform Formes?

Every call to GetBaseData would have to be given a CurForm ID as well as a CurSpecies ID. You would also need to modify GetFrontpic and GetBackpic.

Actually, depending on how comprehensive you want to be, this might be simpler or more complicated. The moves Conversion and Conversion2 already affect in-battle type, so if you only want to support Castform's in-battle forms, you could modify its type the same way as they do (and also edit the pic routines). On the other hand, if you want more general form support, like for out-of-battle Deoxys, Rotom, etc, you'll need to modify references to GetBaseData and even EvosAttacksPointers if the forms learn different moves.


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