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[Red] Green + Esperanto

(Esperanto thread for this is here.)
Hack of: Red (via pokered)
Name: Pokemon Esperanto (I guess)

I started working on this a while ago then forgot about it and now I'm back! Hopefully I didn't make a thread about it before. I'm playing Green, translating it to Esperanto, and replacing Red's graphics/maps with Green's. I may also add in some extra stuff, so far I just restored the text that plays when RIVAL beats you.

When I first started (around 9 months ago?) my Japanese was a lot worse, and I didn't think of adding in the original JP text in comments in the pokered files, so now I'm replaying and re-translating what I did before. When I'm done I'll release all my text files as a "translation kit" so anyone else in the future can just translate based off the original JP text without having to grab it from the game.

When I'm all done with the Esperanto translation I'll either translate it all to English so we have a "real Green translation", or start working on Gen 2, I haven't decided yet. Actually, it'd be great if at that point I could just translate to English & someone else puts the translation into the game, because counting how many letters are on each line is taking me FOREVER!

2016.11.06 — CURRENT STATUS:

Old translation: inside Cerulean
JP text added + retranslation: inside Pewter City
— Pokemon names, items, battle menu, pokedex menu, computer interface etc. are 99% translated (just some trainer names are missing)
— Some graphics + half the title page has been replaced with Green/Esperanto versions
— Pokedex has maybe 10 translated entries


I'll release it once I completely finish translating + adding in the JP for Cerulean. But if you want an early patch, bugs included, let me know.


— Can't figure out how replace the American measurements (feet/inches/pounds?) in the pokedex
— Text when someone asks you to trade pokemon got messed up


Changed the overworld colors:

Fixed the font (the weird extra letters are for the translation to another language I'll do later...)
name page

Mt. Moon:
team rocket

Battle stuff's all translated:

Pokemon names, items & interfaces are all translated:

An example of how the JP looks in the pokered files:

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