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Pokemon Orange Islands Adventure hack

A few of you may actually remember this game. It was one of the first hacks I ever played, along with the original Brown & TRE.

It was during a time when not many people knew what they were doing with hacking and most games were just ugly map edits with no substance and nothing new. These three games were actually the games that got me into hacking myself (yes, I've been skulking the forums that long, since about 05 actually, things have changed massively since then).

I always intended to build a better Orange Islands games and started and stopped several times over the years, changed platforms several times too.

What originally started as a Red hack was rapidly changed to Gold as the things I wanted to achieve simply weren't doable back then. Then from Gold to Fire Red for the same reason, though that was more because I couldn't do it rather than it wasn't possible. I eventually moved over to RPG maker, no particular reason, I couldn't make a GB/C game and simply had no interest in a GBA game (even though most of my graphics were complete).

Now it's roughly 9 years later, graphics Kanto through Hoenn including OI Pokemon are finally ready in the correct style and the disassembly is complete, my knowledge and ideas have expanded, it's time to start back were I intended to, Gen I.

Anyway, I wandered off topic for a moment there (Sorry, I was just browsing through the old hacking forums, made me reminiscent haha). Did anyone else play this game? What were your thoughts?

What game got you into hacking and how long have you been a member of the communities?

As a side note does anyone still have this game? I'd love to play it again but it seems I didn't leave it with my old OI resources and it doesn't seem to exist online Edit: nvm found the rom, if anyone else wants it I'm sure I can make a patch.

I put this in general discussion for the fact it's neither my hack, nor is there a Rom for it, hope it was the right place.

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